Sessions, Workshops, Courses, Training and Coaching in Goa in November

tantric sex couple

Maybe this is your time to do something for you.

Contact us now and change your life forever.

Become who you really are!

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Private tantra sessions to learn amazing skills to use the rest of your life.

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Layla is available worldwide to share with you.

Not only does she allow you to experience tantra but she is also ready to teach you skills you can use the rest of your life.

Sexuality is not that complicated … the mind is the issue.

Contact us now.

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Still struggling with sexuality?

IMG_20170906_202306There are times when one struggles with sexuality.

It is not only about getting sex but also about with whom, when, how etc.

Life is beautifully simple when it comes to the use of sexuality.

Come and get your share of intimacy and learn skills you can use the rest of your life.


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ANI TANTRA now on tour

animaun (1)

Ani is new to our team but not to Tantra.

Ani now in Spain. Soon in Mexico, UAE and India.

Although Ani is from Spain she now delights clients all over the
It’s not often that someone knows exactly what she wants from herself
and of clients: SIMPLY THE BEST!

She believes that all of us has much more to offer than what we live
right now.

Ani is skilled in tantra techniques and has gained experience over
the last 4 years.

She is eager to meet clients from all genders and all nationalities
as she has a lot to share.

Book your place with Ani now!

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TANTRA Workshop Goa, Bangalore, Delhi

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Tantra sexuality workshops held regularly in Goa, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai.

Join us for experiencing, learning and practicing tantra techniques that you can use the rest of your life.


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Tantra hands you opportunities to flow with who you really are …. sexuality and all.

Come and join our workshops and training courses ….. next one in Ronda, Spain and also in Goa, India.

sex flow

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Learn to satisfy your partner

tantric massage school india

To touch your partner is always a difficult issue. Mostly we hear: No, not like this!

Take some time to learn tantric massage and have the opportunities to satisfy your partner fully.

If she knows how to massage him then premature ejaculation can be something of the past.

Next dates in India … end April and end May in Goa.

Also in Ronda, Andalucia, Spain.

Write to us for more information.




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