Tantra Lucy in Spain, UAE, Mexico and India. Tantric massage sessions and courses.


Lucy is a well qualified and well experienced tantra technique practitioner.

She offers tantra technique sessions and training.

Lucy is available for single people as well as couples.

Come and learn amazing techniques to use the rest of your life.

We are taking bookings now for Spain, UAE and Mexico.

Malaga, Marbella, Valencia, Madrid, Ronda, Barcelona, Dubai, Muscat, Doha, Cancun.


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Lucy joined International School of Tantra.

We are happy to announce that Lucy joined us after she came to us the first time six years ago. Welcome Lucy!


Lucy grew up in the United Kingdom and worked for many years as a 1st class air hostess.

She has a background in many forms of spiritual and energy healing.

She has included tantra techniques in her work and loves the amazing benefits she can bring to her clients and herself.

Lucy came across tantra many years ago during a search to solve relationship issues. She attended a weekend workshop at Alegraluz and took the knowledge home with her to use and enhance her intimate experiences.

Years later she has decided to make this her profession as it has been a life long passion that stayed with her.

Now Lucy spreads the knowledge she is obtaining through her studies with Alegraluz to all people who are on the same learning path as herself.

She holds qualifications in Tantric Massage, Tantra Practitioner, Regression Therapy, Swedish Massage and Business Administration.

Lucy enjoys cooking, baking, dancing, travelling and meeting interesting people.

Lucy speaks English and Spanish.

You can contact Lucy through this website.

She is in Spain right now. Then off to Mexico. Soon to UAE and India.


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Tantric massage training in Mexico, India and Spain

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Tantric massage training in Cancun, Mexico. Masaje tantrico.


CANCUN MEXICO ….. also in India, Switzerland, UAE, South Africa and Spain


This is a Professional Tantric Massage Training Course to become a Professional Tantric masseuse/masseur.
This amazing course is also for people who want to be able to touch their partners in an amazing way.
Most students comment afterwards that they have healed themselves and others in an way they could never imagine.


Included in the course is yoni massage, lingam massage and pelvic floor healing massage.
The programme also includes dealing with clients, how to do 3 and 6 hour tantra sessions and the follow up procedures.
You will be shown a particular set of strokes, you will be given the opportunity to practice it under supervision and then to do at least one full tantric massage on completion.
Students are offered online support for 3 months after completion of the course.


The various models include:
Introduction on how to prepare clients and partners
Teaching tantric and tantric orgasmic breathing
Massaging the back, the bum and legs
Massaging the front and legs
Massaging the pelvis and pelvic floor
Massaging the lingam
Massaging the yoni
Preparing clients for the full body orgasms
Couching of clients


You will received a detailed booklet at the beginning of the course stating each step as well as containing forms your clients need to complete.


On successful completion of the course you will receive a certificate stating what you have done.


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Self Express Coaching Sessions South Africa

Prepare yourself to be the purest version of who you are in 2018.
Learn techniques to assist you to live who you really are.

Coach others as a new profession.

Let go of unwanted patterns and turn on the new you.


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Sessions, Workshops, Courses, Training and Coaching in Goa in November

tantric sex couple

Maybe this is your time to do something for you.

Contact us now and change your life forever.

Become who you really are!

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Private tantra sessions to learn amazing skills to use the rest of your life.

crop small

Layla is available worldwide to share with you.

Not only does she allow you to experience tantra but she is also ready to teach you skills you can use the rest of your life.

Sexuality is not that complicated … the mind is the issue.

Contact us now.

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