Tantra Workshop Presenter Training Course Worldwide


Learn Meditation, Yoga, Tantra Techniques in your Country

We practice Meditation, Yoga and Tantra together

Course Programme:

Our workshops consist out of 12 Tantric rituals, each with its own function and following a specific sequence.

  • Learn the importance of breath, touch and intimacy techniques.
  • Learn and experience these techniques, gain skills in their use and application.
  • Learn about group dynamics and gain presentation skills.
  • Learn how to present the workshops in a male/female pair.
  • Become aware of difficult situations and learn how to handle them with confidence.
  • Be equipped to present your own tantra workshops in future.
  • The two weekend workshops are part of this course.

We offer limited seats.

Do you want to participate?


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2 days Weekend Workshop all over the world


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Celebrate two days of Intimacy with Meditation, Yoga and Tantra

Meditation hands you the opportunity to be the observer of your thoughts and actions.
Yoga hands you the opportunity to live your life from within towards the outside.
Tantra hands you the opportunity to realise and celebrate existing intimacy.

Less Talk, More actions:

Find the life force flow in yourself, find it in others and circulate it between yourself and others.
It is surely the ultimate skill to learn in this life.
Come join us and learn skills on how to talk with your whole being and not only with words.
Sexuality is all about the “WHO” is doing something and not only about “WHAT” we do.

Course Programme:

Escape from being stuck in thoughts and emotions. Re-centre to find the life force flow from within yourself. Realise and celebrate existing abundant intimacy between yourself and others. It is surely the ultimate skill to learn in this life.

Our workshop consists of several fun filled steps.

The Saturday morning we dedicate to meditation breath techniques.
Saturday afternoon is about yoga touch techniques.
Saturday evening we indulge in tantric self love and make love rituals.
Sunday morning is about tantra intimacy techniques.
Sunday afternoon we have a practice session to put all the steps together.
Really exciting things happen as you put YOU back into what you do!

Come and do this workshop to meet yourSELF and then you are ready to meet others.

We offer this workshop in every month of the year all over the world.We offer limited seats.


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Tantric Massage Training Worldwide


Experience a new way of touch in India, Spain, Mexico and everywhere in the world.

Tantric Massage Training is going to happen in India, Spain, Mexico in January, February, March, May, June, September, October, November.

Course Programme:

Learn tantric massage and tantra techniques in this course.

The programme includes dealing with clients, how to do 3 and 6 hour tantra sessions and the follow up procedures. Daily Tantra sessions under supervision.
You will be shown a particular set of strokes, you will be given the opportunity to practice it under supervision and then to do at least one full tantric massage on completion.

Course Outline:

The various models include:
Introduction on how to prepare clients and partners
Teaching tantric and tantric orgasmic breathing
Massaging the back, the bum and legs
Massaging the front and legs
Massaging the pelvis and pelvic floor
Massaging the lingam
Massaging the yoni
Preparing clients for the full body orgasms
Coaching of clients



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Intensive Tantra Workshop in Spain


MEYOTRA Meditaion Yoga Tantra

Warm up your relationships with Tantra Techniques

Dates and Place:

SPAIN: Ronda. Andalusia. 2 to 8 February 2019

SPAIN: Ronda. Andalusia. 9 to 15 March 2019.

SPAIN: Ronda. Andalusia. 20 to 26 April 2019.

SPAIN: Logroño. La Rioja. 24 to 30 August 2019.

Course Programme:

Learn and practice Tantra techniques.

We practice Meditation, Yoga & Tantra techniques for life in the session.

We do: seven chakra tantric breathing, yoni and lingam gazing, yoni and lingam sound healing, a few pelvic healing massage steps, some tantric massage steps, tantric sex instruction, maithuna sharing opportunities, shared mahamudra orgasmic state.

We begin the session early in the morning with Meditation follows by Yoga and Tantra. In the end of daily sessions the question and answer aka Coaching Session happen.

The hours are flexible as we listen to the group. Some like to swim or walk first.

We PRACTICE tantra techniques WITH you.
We do not tell you what to do and we do not drown you in religion.
Our blend on meditation, yoga and tantra hands clients opportunities to be reminded of all they have forgotten about themselves.

Do you want to participate? WRITE TO US!

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Tantra Lucy in Spain, UAE, Mexico and India. Tantric massage sessions and courses.


Lucy is a well qualified and well experienced tantra technique practitioner.

She offers tantra technique sessions and training.

Lucy is available for single people as well as couples.

Come and learn amazing techniques to use the rest of your life.

We are taking bookings now for Spain, UAE and Mexico.

Malaga, Marbella, Valencia, Madrid, Ronda, Barcelona, Dubai, Muscat, Doha, Cancun.


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Lucy joined International School of Tantra.

We are happy to announce that Lucy joined us after she came to us the first time six years ago. Welcome Lucy!


Lucy grew up in the United Kingdom and worked for many years as a 1st class air hostess.

She has a background in many forms of spiritual and energy healing.

She has included tantra techniques in her work and loves the amazing benefits she can bring to her clients and herself.

Lucy came across tantra many years ago during a search to solve relationship issues. She attended a weekend workshop at Alegraluz and took the knowledge home with her to use and enhance her intimate experiences.

Years later she has decided to make this her profession as it has been a life long passion that stayed with her.

Now Lucy spreads the knowledge she is obtaining through her studies with Alegraluz to all people who are on the same learning path as herself.

She holds qualifications in Tantric Massage, Tantra Practitioner, Regression Therapy, Swedish Massage and Business Administration.

Lucy enjoys cooking, baking, dancing, travelling and meeting interesting people.

Lucy speaks English and Spanish.

You can contact Lucy through this website.

She is in Spain right now. Then off to Mexico. Soon to UAE and India.


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Tantric massage training in Mexico, India and Spain

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